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SolarNinjas Energy Solutions Ltd.

solar (electric)

At SolarNinjas we work in a variety of spaces from commercial to farm & other agricultural to residential. Our primary work is in electrical services and solar energy but we take a holistic approach to projects and can provide the right integration services like data, security, and controls so that solutions are built in at the design stage of any project small or large. We value collaboration, and if we can connect you with someone in another field that adds value to you then we are happy to do so. Our network of trusted partners includes everything from stone & concrete, plumbing & HVAC, engineering and project management, and innumerable other areas of interest. We involve our clients in our work as partners where needed and prefer an open and transparent collaborative approach to contracting based on project needs and team goals.


(780) 920-9120

SolarNinjas Energy Solutions Ltd.
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